Our veterinary clinic Ark Animal Hospital believes in serving the community and offers support and services to a range of animal welfare organizations. We are main sponsor for several charities.

1. Ark Aid Inc.

The Ark Animal Hospital is the main sponsor for Ark Aid Inc. Ark Aid Inc provides professional veterinary service for native animals in the Northern Territory. In fact it is the only “Wildlife Hospital” in the NT. They offer not only first aid but full service including intensive care and surgery for all wildlife from birds, mammals to reptiles and amphibians. More than 2000 animals are treated by Ark Aid Inc each year.

Ark Aid Inc also offers educational courses for schools, companies and special interest groups. Most of the Ark Animal Hospital staff members are also volunteers for Ark Aid Inc.

The Ark Animal Hospital sponsors Ark Aid Inc by providing all medication, nurse and veterinary time and the facilities to operate, which would have a value of over $100 000 each year. There would be no veterinary service for wildlife in the Darwin region without our sponsorship arrangement.

Ark Aid INc Wildlife Rescue Darwin

2. EveryCat

EveryCat is an initiative of Ark Aid Inc. also supported by the Ark Animal Hospital. EveryCat delivered a campaign to promote responsible cat ownership and desexed 220 cats in the Darwin region for free and is running a new program for further 120 cat in 2017 and 2018.
The Ark Animal Hospital donated staff time and medication for all surgeries.

Every Cat responsible cat ownership

3. Top End Rehoming Group Inc.

The Ark Animal Hospital is the main supporter of Top End Rehoming Group Inc. We are providing veterinary service to this charity. Most of their rescue cats and dogs will be desexed, vet checked, microchipped in our clinic. We contributed over $35.000 in 2016 in veterinary services to this charity.

Top End Rehoming Group Inc

4. AMRRIC – Animal Management in Rural and Remote Communities

Dr. Stephen Cutter is founder and board member of Amrric. AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) is a not-for-profit charity that uses a One Health approach to coordinate veterinary and education programs in Indigenous communities.

Our clinic supports AMRRIC dog and cat desexing programs in Aboriginal communities. Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses will deliver these programs by going into communities and providing veterinary services.

Amrric logo

5. Wildcare Inc

The Ark Animal Hospital is a corporate member of Wildcare Inc.. We are not only offering first aid for wildlife, our clinic supports Wildcare Inc by providing full veterinary service to this charity. Most of of the native animals treated in our clinic will also go to Wildcare Inc members for rehabilitation. We are also microchipping all Flying Foxes for Wildcare, so it is possible to measure release success rate when animals return to their release site.


Wildcare Logo

6. Nina’s Ark

Nina’s Ark is a self-made wildlife sanctuary on the border of Litchfield National Park. Nina is specialized in rehabilitating wallabies and possums and releasing back into the wild. The Ark Animal Hospital provides veterinary services to Nina’s Ark and some of our native patients will go to Nina’s for rehabilitation and release.

abc Photo - Ninas Ark

Picture source: ABC http://www.abc.net.au/local/videos/2012/11/20/3636577.htm