After Hours Emergency call 0407 391 543

If your pet has a life-threatening critical illness or injury and requires immediate assistance please call the After Hours Emergency number above.

We provide the highest standard of veterinary care for your pets when they need it. Rather than referring out-of-hours emergencies to another hospital the vets who know and love your pets are there, rostered through the night, to take expert care as it is needed and you can immediately discuss your concerns.

You are also welcome to drop in to our clinic during opening hours.

When should you call for emergency after-hours help?

Ultimately this decision is yours, but we would consider it to be an emergency if your pet:

  • has lost consciousness
  • is having seizures
  • is having difficulty breathing
  • has eaten rat bait, a cane toad or another poison
  • is bleeding uncontrollably
  • was in a serious dog fight
  • has been in labour for more than 2 hours without delivering a puppy or kitten
  • was bitten by a snake
  • has broken bones
  • has bloody diarrhea