Snakes as Pets

Snakes are certainly the pet of the moment. I treated a pet snakes about once every six months when I first graduated thirteen years ago. Now I see dozens everyday. They make excellent and spectacular pets and they are relatively easy to care for. What’s more they suit most peoples busy lifestyles better than dogs or cats.

Pythons make the best pets and come in a spectacular array of size, colours and temperaments. When choosing your snake make sure you do your research and choose the one is right for you. Don’t just choose the prettiest. The jungle python is one of the most brilliantly coloured, but most likely to bite. not the best for a beginner. My favorite beginners snake is the Centralian carpet python (or Bredli) it has a lovely temperament and beautiful markings.

Pythons are great escape artists so make sure your enclosure is escape proof, a “cave” of some sort is also a necessary feature.. A study water bowl big enough for the snake to get into (and not tip over) and soak is essential to prevent shedding problems. Many pythons like to climb so some branches in the enclosure are helpful. While snakes pass urine and faeces relatively rarely compared to mammals good hygiene is important. While covering the bottom of the cage in leaves or sand looks great, newspaper works well and is much easy to keep clean.

Snakes eat whole food, there is no easy way around that. There is no reason to feed snakes live food, as well as being cruel to the rat or mouse many pet snakes are injured and even killed by an angry potential prey. Food can be bought frozen, it just needs to be thawed, warmed and given to the snake.

As with any pet it is essential that you find out about how to look after your snake properly. Do research before buying your pet, you’ll enjoy it better.