If you want help with your pet, advise or just a quick check our highly trained nurses are happy to assist.

Free pet health & dental checks and advice

You can make a free nurse appointment if you:

  • would like to have a free dental health check for your pet
  • for a quick health check to determinate, if your pet needs veterinary assessment
  • for post surgery stitch removal and wound assessment
  • for Nutrition advice but it excludes medical nutrition
  • for Information about Puppy Preschool
  • for Parasite control advice
  • for advise if you have a new pet including set up for reptiles
  • for Basic behaviour advice
  • for Basic Rehabilitation and physical therapy advice
  • for General Information about pets

Wellness Assistance – Nurse Consult

  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail trims
  • Trim matts (minor)
  • Parasite control e.g. tick injection
  • Wing clips
  • Anal glands