If you are a bird lover the Ark Animal Hospital in Palmerston is the best vet to go to. Birds are beautiful pets if they’re cared for properly and at the Ark Animal Hospital your birds are truly well looked after by our experienced vets.

Remember the most important person in your bird’s life is you, closely followed by the veterinarian who you pay to look after it.

Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses are very experienced in handling and treating birds. We do treat all birds from pet chicken to endangered species like the Masked Owl.

Vet services for birds

Some of the products we sell for birds

  • Parasite control products.
  • Selected bird food.
  • Selected supplements for birds.

Dr. Stephen Cutter is also the Patron of the Northern Territory Avicultural Society Inc. and our vet Dr. Jessica Eastley was nominated as “Australian of the Day” for her work as a veterinarian with special interest in birds.

Vet Jessica Eastley

Charity work for native bird species

Our wildlife rescue organization Ark Aid Inc treats hundreds of native birds each year. We provide full veterinary service for our wildlife including surgery. Our charity has treated a wide range of bird species from eagles, to jabiru, blue-footed boobys, to the endangered Masked Tiwi owls.

We also do Psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) testing on a regular basic for our native parrots.

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