Rodents (Rats, Mice and Guinea Pigs)

Looking for a pocket pet vets who is experienced in treating rats, mice, guinea pigs or sugar glider? The Ark Animal Hospital has a special interest in supporting you as a pet owner. We especially promote desexing and offer a special set price for all rat, mice, guinea pig and glider speys and castrations.

Vet service for rats, mice, guinea pigs and sugar glider

We care about all species of rodents and are experienced in treating them. We treat both them and their owners with respect.  We desex and treat rodents regularly.

If you don’t feel your normal vet is comfortable treating these species we are happy to help. Desexing your pet rodent can greatly extend its lifespan and protect its health in addition to preventing unwanted breeding and sexual behaviour.

Our xray is capable of making clear images of even the tiniest of pets. 

Obesity is a major problem in rodents. We are experienced in weight loss and prevention advice.

Teeth problems are common in rodents. All of the their teeth continue to grow throughout its life. Poor diet and poor genetics make the teeth grow in inappropriate directions causing all sorts of problems.

Charity work for native rodents

Our wildlife rescue organization Ark Aid Inc also treats native rodents. We provide full veterinary service for our wildlife including surgery. We especially love our as vulnerable listed Black-Footed tree rats.