Dr. Stephen Cutter

Dr. Stephen Cutter is our head vet and practice principal, he founded The Ark Animal Hospital (also known as The Ark or The Ark Vet) in 2006 after working in the Northern Territory for many years.

Stephen grew up in the Territory but moved to Melbourne with his family as a teenager. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1995, he set about returning to the Territory.

Stephen’s vision was to establish community dog health programs to benefit indigenous communities, in partnership with local vets, government support and indigenous community leaders.

Dr Stephen Cutter doing surgery in a remote location

Dr Stephen doing surgery in a remote location

Initially he travelled back and forth between the Top End and Melbourne for a few years, as the programs took shape, partnerships were established, and experience gained.

Stephen eventually moved to Darwin to continue to invest in developing the community dog health programs, and his first clinic in Darwin was set up to financially support the programs.

The Ark Vet today is a result of many changes and phases of growth. It was established to support and focus on serving that original vision and to open up the possibilities of many other areas of services to the NT community. Stephen is passionate about pet care, wildlife care, general animal welfare, community dog health programs, and much more.

Stephen is Chairperson of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee in the NT.

Wildlife Rescue Darwin, and the Prison program are all results of the passion he has to achieve positive changes in the NT community.