Ari is a 11 year old red point longhaired cat. He came from the RSPCA and was due to be euthanased. We chose not to due to his beautiful nature and adopted him instead. Ari is very loving and friendly and loves to sit in the bosses chair. Ari lives with Poppy at the hospital.
Origin: RSPCA
Desexed YES
Microchipped: YES
Heartworm and intestinal worm prevention: Revolution and tapewormer.
Flea control: Revolution
Vaccination F4 –
Diet: Hills feline maintenance
Other medical history.
Ari came to us from the RSPCA with both ringworm and cat flu. Both of these diseases required prolonged treatment before he recovered. We chose to treat him and he has made a 100% recovery.
Both Poppy and Ari have very pale skin, so in addition to all the other reasons for keeping cats indoors they have the additional reason that if allowed outside they would get sun burnt and ultimately skin cancer.