Esca, Camel and Bliss

Esca, Camel and Bliss are much loved bearded dragons of varying ages. All three dragons are boys and very territorial so care must be taken to keep them comfortable in their own separate living areas. They all have their own unique personality and enjoy a varied diet of fruit, salad, wood roaches and crickets. Occasionally they are treated to meal worms and pinkie mice. All three boys favour sweet potato, red capsicum and banana.

Bearded dragons require daily uv light either through artificial lighting or natural sunlight. Its also a good idea to provide a calcium supplement to their diet. Esca, Camel and Bliss are given daily uv through artificial lighting and natural sunlight is provided throughout the week.

Bliss (right side) is a snow bearded dragon not commonly found in the pet stores. Camel (centre) is a rescued bearded dragon he was abandoned in a vacant house and after examination it was obvious he had suffered from metabolic bone disease in the past and ended up with a hump like a camel hence the name camel.