Our Palmerston Veterinary Hospital is located at:

Corner of Temple Tce and Callanan Road
(enter at 56 Georgina Crescent), close to Palmerston Shopping Centre, and a quick drive from Berrimah, Howard Springs and Darwin.

We are a Full Service Veterinary Hospital including:

More information about our Veterinarian Services and the Pet and Wildlife Species We Treat

Our veterinarian, vet nurse, training and admin staff are welcoming, caring and appropriately qualified. We have free and wheelchair-accessible parking on site.

You won’t find a vet who knows more or cares more than we do! Drop in and say hello, have a look at our range of pet products, and ask any questions you have.

Job Opportunities

Are you passionate about animals and would like to join our team at The Ark Animal Hospital? We currently are looking for:

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The Ark Animal Hospital shared Warmun Community Inc.'s photo.

Two of our staff members have been out to communities around Halls Creek and desexed over 80 dogs in one week. Desexing is very important to control unwanted or aggressive dogs.

Thanks Warmun mob for getting your dogs fixed today. The Vet even had time to take out Suka's skin cancer. Thank you Vets and Rangers !!

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William BurdisEveryone doing a great Job.11 hours ago

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Do you have any questions? Need some advice for you dog, snake, rat, bird, crocodile, mini pony or cat? We are here to help! Post your question and one of our vets will answer it... ...

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Kate PowellIs it ok to feed cats fresh, uncooked fish? My partner gave my cats fish once and now they don't eat their wet food. We now give them biscuits and a little bit of fresh fish every night. I just want to know if it's safe. They both have beautiful shiney coats from eating it!11 hours ago
Avalon Rose HallI've just seen that my girl has ripped her nail back. What should I do please?3 days ago
Mary SmithMy cat is nearly 3 years old and she refuses to drink water. in fact I have never seen her drink water. I leave it around the house and I have tried flavoring the water but no luck. She eats raw pet mince daily, and I have tried her on a diet of dry biccies hoping to encourage drinking but still no luck. Can you suggest another way of getting water into her? Is this a common problem and should I be worried?5 days ago
Adeline BlakeHow can you stop a dog being over jealous and pushy when their human is petting other dogs? The6 days ago
Kate ThomsonI foster kittens thru an animal rescue group and one of the kittens I think might have cat flu as his eyes are read and swollen and look sore:( he is still lively and eating and drinking but is there something I can do to help/sooth until I can get him to the vet tomorrow? And is it likey my other foster kitten who's only had 1st vaccinations done or my 6 month old cat who is fully vacinated catch it also??6 days ago
Cait YoungI have two rescue cats that I adore and usually are prefect they have a cat scratcher each own toys food bowls etc.. However since moving into my new apartment my big boy is beating my girl a fair bit (rough play) never any blood or anything but she hates it runs away or eventually hisses or runs to me I feel bad because all he wants to do is let of some energy and play with a mate. My partner wants to smack him but I don't think that's nice to do to cats?6 days ago
Cami GrimesI adopted an older cat she is 16 years old and i figured by now she is set in her ways. While she gets fed 3-4 times a day, she mostly sleeps during the day and keeps to herself. but at night she will meow the house down and scratch at the door. Ive tried everything (i think). Is there a way to make her not nocturnal ?6 days ago
Avalon Rose Hall3 days ago
Kerri CarpenterAre their any natural remedies for "doggie mozzie spray".... My poor girl is suffering from sandfly bites and I don't like using human spray on her :( Thank you.... Xx9 hours ago

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We are Veterinarians who CareWe Care

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We know how much your pets mean to you because we are all pet owners ourselves.

Vet and Nurse treating a dog's broken legWe are committed to caring for both you and your pet.

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