Our Palmerston Veterinary Hospital is located at:

Corner of Temple Tce and Callanan Road
(enter at 56 Georgina Crescent), close to Palmerston Shopping Centre, and a quick drive from Berrimah, Howard Springs and Darwin.

We are a Full Service Veterinary Hospital including:

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Ultrasound
  • Weight Control
  • Advice on Pets and Pet Products & Services
More information about our Veterinarian Services and the Pet and Wildlife Species We Treat

Our veterinarian, vet nurse, training and admin staff are welcoming, caring and appropriately qualified. We have free and wheelchair-accessible parking on site.

You won’t find a vet who knows more or cares more than we do! Drop in and say hello, have a look at our range of pet products, and ask any questions you have.

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The Ark Animal Hospital

It is not always easy to read body language. Here are some tips

Paws Plus Ltd Canine Training & Behaviour

There have been multiple studies and reports done in recent years that suggest that dogs hate being hugged. I have seen the comment sections on a few of these articles, and it was riddled with dog owners who were in complete denial that their dog didn't enjoy hugs. Clearly this doesn't apply to every single dog, but don't assume just because your dog isn't trying to get away, that it is comfortable and relaxed. Instead, look at your dog's body language when you hug them. Do they become tense, show whale eye, lick their lips, turn their head or lean away from you? Or do they relax and lean into you, trying to get closer? This video demonstrates the response I get from each of my dogs when I hug them; they are both at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Spooky LOVES hugs. His body language is loose and relaxed. He isn't trying to get away; if anything he's trying to move closer. He is seeking eye contact rather than avoiding it and shows no resistance when I move my head close to his to give him a kiss.

Peanut certainly enjoys getting pats and lying with me on the couch, but it is quite obvious that he does not enjoy hugs at all. He resists when I move him closer to me, and his whole body is leaning away from me. He avoids eye contact and licks his lips and my face repeatedly.

Notice that both dogs lick my face at some point in the video, but there are different reasons for this; Spooky is licking me slowly and gently, he is simply being affectionate. Peanut is quite frantic and insistent with his licking; he is trying to appease me and tell me that he is uncomfortable and would appreciate if I gave him some more space.

You will also notice that both dogs show the whites of their eyes. Again, this is an example of how the same behaviour means different things in different contexts; Spooky is just looking at me out of the corner of his eye ; his face is relaxed, eyes are soft and he is not leaning away; this is NOT whale eye. Peanut is tense and uncomfortable; his ears are back, eyes are wide and he is leaning away from me; this IS whale eye.

There is a well known quote in the dog training world; "the dog chooses what is reinforcing". Just because hugs are a positive thing in the human world, doesn't mean that it translates into the dog world. Hugs are not a natural experience to a dog; dogs don't hug each other. If a dog has been conditioned to enjoy hugs and has learnt that they are rewarding, then your dog may love hugs, but this is not a desire that dogs are naturally born with. Just like humans, some dogs like physical contact and being close, while some prefer distance and personal space. So, does your dog really enjoy hugs as much as you think they do?

Paws Plus Ltd Canine Training & Behaviour

Two spots left for our puppy preschool, which will start next week. Call us today and book your puppy in. ...

Two spots left for our puppy preschool, which will start next week. Call us today and book your puppy in.
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Free Desexing for Cats – Community Grant programs

Are you a concession card holder in Darwin, Palmerston or Litchfield area?
If yes you can now apply to get your cat desexed for free. Ark Aid Inc was successful in receiving two grants for cat desexing.

As part of two community grants City of Palmerston, Animal Welfare branch, Ark Aid Inc and Cat Association Northern Territory are offering free desexing and/or microchipping for your cat. The program will run until June 2017 and will give up to 200 cat owners the chance of free desexing.

All surgeries will be done professionally at The Ark Animal Hospital in Yarrawonga.

Find out more about the program and learn more about cats – www.everycat.com.au

To apply contact us 08 8932 9738 or Cat Association Northern Territory 0407 452 947

and via email info@wildlifedarwin.org.au

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We are Veterinarians who CareWe Care

We really do care. Lots of places and organisations claim to but we really do.
We know how much your pets mean to you because we are all pet owners ourselves.

Vet and Nurse treating a dog's broken legWe are committed to caring for both you and your pet.
We care and we know you do too.

We Love Vets who ListenWe Listen

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We know how important pets are, so we listen.

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If you have an emergency call us on 0407 391 543

Veterinary Care Nurse with Pet LizardWe care for all creatures great & small

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rodents, Reptiles, Birds, Frogs & Fish, Wildlife.
You name it we treat it. We care about all species. We will treat all our patients and their carers with respect and care.